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Leadership Analysis

Leadership refers to the ability and power of a person to influence a group of people to follow his or her direction. Different scholars have tried to define leadership, but they all conclude on the above explanation. Leader is a person that uses or utilizes the authority he or she holds to convince others to agree on an issue, directive or suggestion. Different leaders adapt their style of leadership depending on the group or organization a person is leading or managing. There is no leadership gauge or meter to test how one is perfect or bad in leadership, but the quality of leadership is measured through the level of influence impacts in a person.

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Leadership Issue

Martin M. Chemers is a scholar and books writer who is famous for his contribution in analyzing different leadership styles. In his book An Integrative Theory of Leadership he addresses the problem of leadership associated with gender, personality and cultural issues. This book explains that males and females have equal potential of becoming leaders and there is no need to discriminate any gender.

Personal Example/Application

This problem is a universal problem that exists in many private and public organizations. Men in power have established a custom that they assume power of leading all units and departments. Martin in his theory of leadership believes that the gender should not be a barrier to attaining high level or positions of leadership. Study shows that women are better in management than men although the commanding voice sometimes lacks, hence men take advantage. There is clear evidence even in political houses where there is small percentage of women leaders elected to serve in senate and parliament. This is assurance that this is a global problem that requires to be addressed so that leadership becomes a universal practice to all genders.

How the Problem is Dealt with and Resolved

The integration theory of leadership suggests that a leader should be able to combine different styles of leaderships so as to achieve the leadership objectives. This theory tries to eliminate the ego of many leaders and educate them to accept different ideologies of leaders despite their culture, background and experience. (Chemers, M.,1997). The integration theory has helped to change the perception of many leaders who understand and believe that it is only particular people that should lead others. The writer has a feeling similar to mine that leaders are developed, born and can emerge from any foundation regardless of social status, education, race, gender and experience. There is a negative feeling on this understanding and perception because it contributes to injustice to many potential leaders because of other people personal approach to cultures and personalities (Chemers, M.,1997).

What Made it Right or Wrong

The problem of leadership arises because of the difference in character and personality among people who believe that their leadership is better than that of another person. People should understand that leadership is not about the strong character or long and defined profile. Leadership is about the power of persuasion and influence that one portrays that makes people trust him or her and to work to achieve the goals. Leaders must understand that it is wrong to force the leadership because of personal powers and perceptions because it might contribute to serious bad impacts as strikes. People should look at leaders who believe, inspire, innovative, set model to follow and delegate the job through team work. This is the right understanding of leadership that does not look on the character of a person, but rather the performance and outcomes of their leadership.

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Kouzes Posner Leadership Framework Application

This leadership framework or structure involves a model of leadership duties and responsibilities. In this leadership problem the aspect of enabling other individual or people to act is applied. This perspective argues that a leader should be a person who gives opportunity to his or her junior to act in a different line of delegation, so that he can discover new leaders. It is an important aspect to handle this problem of eliminating the ego, personality and masculine understanding and perception of some leaders. The aspect helps to grow talents from workers, develop and strengthen different person under the leadership.

The leadership framework is applicable in this study because it helps to provide an overview of how a good leader should appear. Its application in this issue of gender and cultural believes. This leadership structure or framework explains a leader that is determined to build a reliable team of potential leaders to take over from them. A leader sets standards and goals and trusts his worker without considering their character or personality, social or cultural and gender issues.

Lessons and Insights about Being an Effective Leader

An effective leader is a person who is capable of influencing his or her group, followers, fellow workers and other leaders to follow a particular direction. Leadership is not measured by the quality of education and personality or character, but the power to persuade and influence others. A good leader develops a good strategy to control activities, trust all workers, encourage his or her people, and is at all times innovative. A leader is focused and determined to achieve goals and does not discriminate the potential power of his followers and employees.

Effective leaders delegate their duties to their assistances and juniors as a way to give them experience on leadership roles. A leader should have a wide and explicit vision of his/her people to assist in selecting the best talent among them. From the study and analysis, it is evident that it is good to eliminate the aspect of rigid hierarchy or bureaucracy leadership so that one can address important issues and grievances arising among workers.

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