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What kinds of writing help for college essay and term paper do you offer?

Our highly qualified writers who hold Master’s and PhD degrees can deliver any essay online or term paper which will be completed according to your deadline. They can cope with any essay writing online starting from one-page essay to a thesis writing in astronomy.

What if the writer ignored my instructions in order?

If you have already placed an order, this means that your writer will read your instructions and will definitely follow them. He/she will try to explicitly cover them in order to make your research essay custom-made. Due to the fact that they pay attention to your directives and guidelines, it is almost unlikely that you will not be pleased with your order and will make a revision request. The writer will rewrite your paper as many times as needed to make you are delighted with your custom essay.

Are your writers certified?

We employ only qualified writing staff. The basic rule is that all of them have to be degree holders. All our writing departments are divided into sections some if which are Humanities, Physical Sciences, Medicine, Management, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, etc. We are proud to say that is fully equipped with intellectual and technical recourses and you can buy an essay online whenever you were given a task.

Do you guarantee that my order will not be plagiarized?

Every writer’s order is exposed to the plagiarism check to make sure that they do not disobey rules regarding plagiarism policy. They do not write in a way “copy-paste.” We do not give writers who plagiarize a second chance because we want to be regarded as a top online writing company.

Will the writer see my first name and last name in the order description?

No. We understand that confidentiality matters and follow this rule. The writer will be sent only a usual order description which incorporates the number of words, topic, the number of sources, given time, etc. However, we believe that if you communicate with your writer, the result will be more pleasant because your essay online will be completely customized. Every customer can send his/her writer a message and provide additional instructions or details about the paper they ordered. When you send a message in such a way, he/she will see only the ID of your personal profile, which means that your communication is completely safe and confidential.

Can I claim a refund?

We want every customer to be satisfied when they purchase essays from us. Our statistics department says that the rate of our customers’ approval is 96% which all comes down to our hard work and persistence. If you have received your research essay and it does not cover your instructions, then ask your writer to revise your paper. He/she will definitely rewrite the essay and will attach a new variant of your order in the system. However, if you can prove that the revised essay still does not cover all your instructions, then you can make a refund request.

What if I want to place an order for a large research project, but there is no available urgency option which suits me?

We provide only high quality essays and term papers which require some time to complete. Therefore, we have canceled an option to place urgent orders which require multiple pages. We value every customer, but want customers to be realists and understand that they should place orders well in advance. Buy an essay online from us and enjoy our supreme quality writing!

The order form cannot be submitted as the system does not allow me to proceed. What should I do?

Most probably, you are trying to attach files with the inappropriate size/format. Because of the size restrictions existing on our website, you cannot submit your order form. In this case, you need to submit it without files and ask our support managers to attach your files to the system.

I have selected the wrong academic level (urgency, number of pages, assignment type, etc.) How can I update my order?

You will not be able to edit the order form on your own but you can ask our support representatives to assist you and they will do it. You should understand that the price for your order will be recalculated based on new requirements.

Can I add more pages to my order?

Yes, you can do it. Feel free to log in to your personal account in the My Orders section. Besides, you can always get in touch with our support managers and they will assist you with making an additional order.

How do I know that a suitable writer is found?

As soon as an appropriate writer is assigned to your order, you will be able to find his or her ID in your order details. Check the line “Writer.”

Can I be provided with the order progress?

Yes, you are free to purchase a draft of your paper that will be available to you after half of your deadline. Please note that you will need to pay for your draft additionally.

How can I update my e-mail (phone number, password)?

You can update your personal profile with the help of the “Edit” option. Do not forget to save changes.

How long can it take to find a writer for my order?

We always try to find an appropriate specialist for every order as soon as possible. Usually, it takes from a couple of minutes to several hours. Sometimes, it may take longer depending on the complexity of the task, urgency, or writers’ availability.

Where can I find my paper?

Once the deadline expires, you will be able to download your paper from your personal profile. To do it, you will need to log in to your personal provide and go to the My Orders section. Besides, you will receive an e-mail with a link that will enable you to download your paper in just one click.

When can I expect my order?

Your paper will be delivered to you within the deadline allocated. Please, note that we start the countdown from the moment your order is verified. As such, when selecting an urgency, you should pay attention that your order will be delivered to you within the deadline stipulated. Thus, if you choose a 1-day deadline, you will receive your paper in 24 hours.

I have some problems with paying for my order. What can I do?

We do not work with payments directly. As such, if you are having any difficulties with paying for your order, you will need to try another browser, payment system, or credit card. In case you need any assistance, you can always contact our support managers.

Will you protect my confidentiality?

Definitely. We highly respect our customers’ rights to privacy, thus we use the best encryption systems to protect their personal information. Your writer will not have access to your personal data, though you will not have access to his or her information as well.

How can I know that my paper is authentic?

Delivering non-plagiarized papers to our customers is one of our primary guarantees. Thus, each paper is scanned through reliable plagiarism-detection software.

Who will work on my order?

In our team, we have all kinds of writing specialists, who can work with the most sophisticated instructions and guidelines. As such, you can be certain that we will assign a skilled and competent writer for your order.

Is it necessary to provide my phone number? What if I do not want to do it?

You are not obliged to provide your phone number if you take care of your privacy, though you should understand that it will foster our communication, which will increase your chances of getting a positive outcome.

Where can I find my paper?

You can download your paper by following the simple steps mentioned below:
Go to My Orders – Completed Orders – Click on the appropriate order ID – Check the Files section. If you have no opportunity to log in, you will need to get in touch with our support managers and ask them to forward a completed paper for you.

My writer needs an extra page to be paid. How should I do it?

You will need to log in to your account and click on the Additional Order next to your order and proceed. The system will redirect you to the regular order page. However, you can be sure that both orders will be linked together. What is more, you can always rely on our support managers and they will assist you.

I have chosen the wrong urgency. Can I change it?

If you want to receive your paper earlier than was requested, you should place a compensation order that depends on the new deadline. If you are not sure what compensation should be placed, you should ask our support managers for guidance and they will assist you.

Should I provide my real phone number (e-mail) when cooperating with your company?

Although you are not obliged to provide your valid phone number or e-mail, we strongly recommend you to do it as your valid contact information will significantly facilitate our communication. In case we need to clarify something with you, we would like to have such an opportunity;

I was informed that my order will be refunded. How much time will it take?

Usually, the refund process takes from 3 to 5 business days. Everything depends on your bank and its policies.

Can I discuss my assignment with the writer directly?

In accordance with our policies, you are free to communicate with the writer working on your order directly in the system. Also, you are free to contact our support managers and ask them to forward important files or clarifications to the writer working on your order;

What if I cannot find the needed order type in your list?

In this case, you should contact our support representatives and provide them with your instructions. They will check your task with our writing department and let you know if your task can be completed by our experts;

My online test is due in two hours, but I cannot find this urgency on the website. What should I do?

We strongly recommend you get in touch with our support representatives and make sure your test can be completed. In case of their confirmation, you can place an order on our website, and our agents will settle everything;

Who will be working on my order?

Each order is completed by a skilled, talented, and qualified writer having sufficient expertise in the customer`s subject area;

How will I receive a completed assignment?

As soon as your paper is completed, you will get in on your e-mail. Also, it will be available to you in your personal profile in the Files section.

Is your pricing policy affordable?

Yes, we keep our prices fair and competitive because we don`t want our customers to overpay for our professional writing help. The price for your order depends on its length, urgency, and writing level. If you would like to know the cost of your order before placing it, you will need to use our price calculator. Also, you can always contact our support managers, and they will calculate the price.

What if I have any questions during the writing process?

We are certain that easy communication between writers and customers is very important for reaching a successful outcome. Thus, we enable our customers to talk to their assistants directly in our secure messaging system.