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The Importance of Cookie

We want to make sure that our clients are well aware of the procedure of collecting and processing personal information. As such, we have composed a clearly formulated and succinct policy that explain fully and in detail when our company gathers cookies, how it does it, what strategies and tactics are used, and why on the whole we do it.

What Does “Cookie” Mean?

The term “cookies” denotes a short file saved in text format that is sent by our company to computers or other gadgets used by our customers. Each cookie is unique since each client browses different information on the Internet. Cookies are collected from a person’s browser when he/ she actively uses it for searching information on the Internet. After each browsing session online, the cookies are deleted automatically. However, some cookies can be removed only when you delete them on your own.

What Are Cookies Used for?

There are cookies that are related to the customers’ personal profiles, login information, as well as products and services they buy. Some other types of cookies do not relate to the clients’ personal accounts. Nonetheless, they are authentic and help the company explore the gathered information with the aim of making the company’s services more convenient and accessible to users. Another purpose of collecting cookies is to identify what users are regularly visiting our page and using our company’s services. Collecting cookies enables us to identify and study their preferences and thus provide them with more corresponding offers that may interest them. Overall, cookies enable to improve the communication process between the company and its customers and make it more effective and result-oriented.

How Do Cookies Help Promoting Products and Services?

Cookies are among the numerous technological features that assist in the process of service and product advertisement. Moreover, they are helpful and beneficial in acquiring the required research results, obtaining statistical data, and getting any other information that is important for the company’s development.

What to Do if Customers Do Not Allow Collection of Cookies?

Each customer has a choice whether to allow gathering cookies or not. Many Internet browsers enable clients to manage cookie-files. As such, it is also possible to set some preferences manually if a client does not want some cookies to be gathered. The user can regulate this process depending on the websites used. Actually, this process differs depending on the browser that the client uses on a regular basis. The guidelines how to manage cookies can be easily found when you click the links provided below:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Android Browser

If you use some type of older software, there is a need to consult with the instructions and guidelines provided by the software manufacturer to be 100% sure. Those users who visit multiple webpages may not adhere to the cookie policies that are enforced on a certain Internet page proposed by the third party, for example, Google Analytics. Further, they can promote targeting that is directed on the customers’ wished and demands. Additionally, when utilizing Android-based gadgets or any other ones, clients can change their settings of the technological appliances in order to check whether the advertisements corresponding to their interests or preferences are seen.

Keep in mind: if online users decide to restrict the website capacity to gather cookies, it may be harder for them to be informed about the available services that might interest them. In other words, the online content they see will not be customized to their preferences and needs. More so, they will not have an opportunity to save specific settings, such as the website login information.

Crucial Facts about the Role of Cookies

Confidentiality and Security

Cookies are used as a guarantee for our customers that the data is safe and we are able to spot scan activity.


With the help of gathered cookie files, we can organize marketing campaigns and control the results and outcomes (for example whether the user has ordered something from the website after visiting it or not).


If customers log into their personal cabinets on our website, cookie files help us provide them with advertisements and materials that correspond to their interests.

Services and Preferences

With the assistance of cookies, we can easily identify what is our clients’ language of preference. As such, customized supportive materials and guidelines can be used.

Research and Analysis

The cookies allow us to identify the usability and practicality of our company’s website. As such, we are able to improve the quality of services we deliver and make the website more user-friendly and easy to use. By collecting cookie-files, it is possible to adjust the website to the needs of clients who are accessing it via different gadgets.

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