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It is common practice for students to go online to buy research paper products when they lack the time, energy, or motivation to write their own. Many of them choose one of the following options:

    1. They search for free public databases of essays and papers, put in some keywords about their topic and academic level (e.g., college level, economics, and trickle-down economic theory). Most likely, they will find a few papers that match these keywords, and they can download them. Some students just put a personal title page and turn one of them in; others will change the format and citation style to match the instructor’s guidelines; still others will try to merge two or more papers, hoping not to be caught for plagiarism. None of these options is really a good one. These same papers are all over the Internet, and a simple plagiarism scan will detect them.
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  1. Students also search for online research paper writing services and are usually attracted to those that offer a remarkably cheap research paper price. We get it. Budgets are tight, and who doesn’t love a bargain? The bargain may indeed come back to bite you, however, because the cheap price usually means that the site owners are doing the very same things that students in 1 option are doing. Think about it. Could an actual writer be giving you paper writing help, in the form of an entire research paper, for that price? Of course not!
  2. There is always the option to throw something together at the last minute and get it turned in, in order to avoid a “0.” The grade won’t be much better than that zero, however, and your entire course grade will take a big nose dive.

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There is a 4th option, and that option is the custom research writing offered by No, we will not have a research paper to you in the next 3 hours; no, we will not charge a price too low to be believable. But we will give you the professional and customized service that will result in the custom research paper help you need for a good grade and for avoiding charges of plagiarism!


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Our research paper writing service operates from the principle that if we give students first-rate service, top-rated expert academic writers, and fully customized writing products, for an affordable cost, they will come back for more, refer other students to us, and our business will grow to volume levels that will bring in a satisfactory profit. Yes we admit it – we are in the business to make some money. After all, this is our career field, as entrepreneurs with a heavy background in academic writing standards and institutional expectations. We do not make money by delivering shoddy plagiarized pieces of writing to one-time customers. We make a small profit on each piece of perfect writing and gain a customer for the remainder of his/her school career!

When you place an order to buy custom essay, coursework, case study or research paper writing from us, you get a single writer assigned to you. S/he works for you, follows your instructions, talks to you, and sends you drafts for approval. You can ask your writer, at any time, about the progress of his work for you; you can ask for changes to anything s/he sends to you. In the end, you have the research paper that you dreamed of having in the first place.

But we do not stop there. When your writer finishes your paper, he/she sends it to our editors. They check the resources used, the appropriateness of the writing for the academic level of the student, and, finally, they check if for plagiarism against all other academic writing out there in cyberspace. When their approval is given, you get your paper, and only then!

We are thinking you don’t want options 1, 2, or 3. We are thinking you want the option of Come on in – we’re ready!

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