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If you want to know all details on how to write a research proposal, the article provided below will come in handy for you. To start with, before getting to write a proposal paper, it is essential to know how to organize the very research paper and ensure it has proper structure. You probably know already that a research paper is a type of academic writing, where you are supposed to conduct a specific research or study and then present the main findings. Before you start writing your research paper proposal, you need to provide a detailed and concise plan for your future research paper.

Main Features of Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing is one of the most frequently assigned types of academic paper writing, where you need to provide the findings of your research or a study in a critical and analytical way. It is essential to ensure smooth writing as well as provide sufficient transitions that will ensure logical sequence of the written content. During your studies, you may be assigned numerous types of research paper writing, specifically some of them are shorter ones and can be assigned in the middle of the course whereas the others can be assigned as final research papers at the end of the course. When you need to provide a research paper, it is not enough to simply realize what kind of paper this is – it is far more important to get to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to research paper writing.

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Please have a look at some of the primary aspects that you need to be aware of when it comes to research paper writing:

  1. You need to plan your work thoroughly. If you want to have a well-organized and coherent research paper, you need to plan the structure well in advance.
  2. You need to come up with a good topic. Make sure that you choose a topic that you are good at. Moreover, it should also be interesting to you as writing on a boring topic may turn out to be a disastrous and tedious process.
  3. Collect all the necessary information. Make sure you find sources that will help you get sufficient supporting evidence on the topic. When looking for sources on the Internet or in the libraries, make sure that they are credible and reputable ones.
  4. Formulate a strong and argumentative thesis statement. The thesis statement should be provided at the end of the introduction. Specifically, you need to pinpoint to the main idea of the paper and be able to convey the main message or put forward the main argument of your research work.
  5. Provide a list of sources. Be sure that you follow a specific formatting and citation style when writing your research. Make sure that the sources you have used during the research are properly enlisted.
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What is a Research Proposal? Essential Information

If you want to get a clear and simple answer to the question “What is a research proposal?” you definitely need to read on this article. To put it simply, a research proposal is a type of academic writing that proposes that a specific project is going to be undertaken in the future.
Before you start conducting research for your research or term paper, it is advisable to write a proposal and show it to your professor or academic supervisor for approval. Sometimes, you address the proposal to some grant or scholarship givers in order to outline that your research is worth attention and is significant enough to be considered for sponsorship.
Writing a research proposal may have the following underlying reasons:

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  • To get funding for a specific research project. Once you manage to persuade the committee or sponsors that your research is worth financing, you will be a step closer to grabbing an opportunity to get funding.
  • To provide an approximate cost of the research process. When writing research proposals, it is essential to mention equipment and their price, especially if you need to conduct an experiment within the realm of your research.
  • To persuade others that your research is valid and credible. Before you apply for some sponsorship, you need to provide a proof that your research project is worth their attention and worth researching at all.

Professors usually have the following purpose of research proposal submission when they assign it as a task:

  • To make students able to differentiate between different types of methods used when conducting a specific study or research. For example, before conducting research, a student should find out what kinds of methodology exist and how they can be used in the process of acquiring information.
  • To help students enhance their creativity when they choose a specific research study as well as to help them acquire new research skills.
  • Give students sufficient opportunities to practice research paper writing and be more ready for the future academic assignments (specifically on Master`s or PhD levels).
  • To help students get practice in providing literature reviews.

How to Get Your Research Proposal Outline Ready?

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If you want to provide successful and well-organized research, it is recommended to first prepare a research proposal outline. As such, you need to be aware of the essential parts of a research proposal that should be definitely included. Check out the following:

  1. Introductory paragraph. Make sure you provide a problem statement so that it is clear for your target readers what problem you are exploring. Formulating a clear research statement will also make the very topic more understandable.
  2. Background information and topic significance. You need to explain the topicality of the actual research problem and why it is worth investigating into. When providing background information, you can delve deeper and focus on the origins of the problem.
  3. The main body. This is the main text of your research proposal, which usually consists of a few sections or paragraphs.
  4. Literature review. Provide a comprehensive summary and critique of the main sources that are related to your research topic. With the help of credible and reputable sources, you will make your research more reliable and trustworthy. When reviewing the literature, you need to critique the sources as well as provide their analytical review. In some cases, you can also compare and contrast them.
  5. Research design. In this chapter, you should focus on the methodology you have used in the process of investigating the topic. With the help of methodology provided, your target audience will be convinced that the research is worth conducting. State whether you have a qualitative research proposal or a quantitative one.
  6. Conclusion. Highlight the significance of the research since the main aim of proposal writing is to persuade the audience that the research is worth carrying out.
  7. A list of references. Make sure all the sources are enlisted in the alphabetical order and formatted according to the required citation style. For example, if you have provided an APA research proposal, you need to format the sources in APA style as well.

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Research Proposal Format: Expert Tips

Even though many students are convinced that the most important aspect of proposal writing is content, never underestimate research proposal format. You need to adhere to the formatting and citation style that is required from you and make sure that the paper is properly structured. To succeed in effective research proposal formatting, please follow these tips:

  • Provide such research details as how many people took part in the research, how much time the experiment took place, how much time was needed to carry out the research, etc.
  • Organize all ideas coherently. You need to ensure logical development of ideas and smooth flow of writing.
  • Organize paragraphs properly: make sure you devote one paragraph to a single idea. Do not provide more than one idea in a separate paragraph.
  • Proofread the paper before submission and pay specific attention to proper grammar structures.
  • Use persuasive language since you need to persevere the core purpose: to convince the audience that your research is worth consideration.
  • Be specific. Express your thoughts and opinions in clear language. Make sure you do not provide any confusing statements.

If you do not know how to write a proposal for a research paper, start with studying the overall structure and paper organization principles. Check out what components a perfectly composed research proposal should have:

  1. Title. The title of the paper should be formulated concisely and specifically enough to convey the main message of your paper. Moreover, the title should be appealing to the reader as it should draw attention to what your research deals with.
  2. Abstract. The abstract page should contain a brief overview of what your research is about. Make sure to mention the main research aims and objectives as well as the main idea that you intend to communicate across.
  3. Context of the research. Start introducing the background of the research problem, then smoothly move forward to the significance of research and its actual need. If needed, pinpoint to how the research problem originated.
  4. Research question(s). Outline the main research questions of your paper. Keep in mind that the questions you mention serve as a guideline concerning how you develop ideas in the paper. Therefore, do not cram your proposal with a lot of questions. Try to focus only on those that you will specifically address in the research paper.
  5. Research objective. Pinpoint to what you intend to achieve after conducting the research. Make sure to mention the problem you are investigating.

When you provide a specific reason why you want (or need) to carry out research, be sure that you state how it will impact the research field or even people in particular. Just make sure you provide specific evidence of how the research might contribute to the subject area.

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When you focus on research methodology, you need to devote this section to specific description what methods you will apply in the process of conducting the research. If some methods have specific challenges, be sure to emphasize on them as well. If the research methodology brought about some limitations, be sure to outline that too. While you are gathering sources, keep in mind that you specifically state how you plan to address research questions. Also remember that research can be library-based or field-based:

  • When the research is library-based, you are limited to the sources found within the library. Some of the commonly used sources may be reports, newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc.;
  • When the research is field-based, you are required to conduct an experiment in the research field on your own and derive specific evidence from it. When working on field-based research, be sure that you are well-versed in the means of collecting information, such as experiments, sampling, questionnaires, interviews, etc.

If you look at some research proposal example, you will see that it is essential to outline significance of the research. Specifically, you will have to state the importance of the research and its contribution.
Finally, remember to enlist all resources that you have used while preparing your research. Properly cite them so that you avoid plagiarism in your paper.

Research Proposal Topicsin Different Disciplines

Actually the topic and way of organizing the research proposal fully depends on the research proposal topics. For example, if you need to submit a psychology research proposal, it will most probably differ from a law research paper proposal. When you need to submit a research paper, be sure that most probably you will have to formulate the topic on your own. To come up with the best topic for your paper, be sure that you identify what equipment you need for the research. Also collect the needed sources of information and be sure that you formulate the project significance.
Some of the most popular topics for research proposals are:

  • marketing and advertising strategies;
  • origin of religion;
  • definition of life;
  • evolution on the planet.

Importance of Good Research Proposal Sample Writing

Samples of research proposal writing helps one to get an idea and understanding how to structure and organize your own proposal. Samples and templates are available for free on the Internet. When you look through different samples, you will get to know more details how to collect information and interpret different results.
In case you need our professional assistance with writing your paper, buy a research proposal without any efforts!

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