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From the office of Governor Cuomo

The main aim of the proposal is to eliminate the gender gap in STEM by providing young students with access to obtaining computer science education degree of the 21st century.

A constituent of Governor Cuomo’s Women’s Agenda of the year 2018 is to provide women with equal opportunities to attain success in every field: education, safety, health, family life, and work.

Computer Science Education

Leaders in the areas of technological development and education have supported Governor Cuomo’s proposal and have set a plan to improve computer science education of premium quality by enabling students to be engaged in writing for computer science and providing professor’s support and resources in computer studies. In particular, the proposal of developing and spreading knowledge and skills in computer science is planned to be launched starting from kindergarten and junior school levels. The core purpose of the proposal is to bridge the gender gap by giving young learners an opportunity to have unlimited access to computer science.

The Governor has committed to allocate $6 mln per year for the Smart Start program, the main aim of which is to give grants to schools in order to encourage the professional development of teachers in the field of computer science. According to the information that can be also found on research websites for college students, New York State students will get quality education and training that is needed to prepare for conducting business in the circumstances of the 21st-century economy. It is worth mentioning that top priority of giving grants will be given to those schools that need it first and foremost.

SUNY and Gender Gap in STEM Education

Governor Cuomo claims that, in order for New York to maintain its top position for innovations, there is an ultimate need to keep equal opportunities for young women and give them a chance to be involved in computer science and writing of computer science research papers. Only when women get ample opportunities to be involved in computer studies and the process of conducting research papers in computer science, the industry will thrive among the future generations and will eliminate the gender gap in STEM education.

As soon as more teachers receive high-quality sufficient knowledge in the field of computer science, new students will be one step closer to this brand new field as well. Those educational establishments that receive an award will cooperate with the Regional Economic Development Councils in order to adjust the program according to individual and regional needs.

Moreover, a newly created working group of industry partners and computer science educators will collaborate to create new standards of computer science education that could be introduced to any school. By bridging the gender gap in computer science and creating new opportunities for young people to develop in this direction, we will prepare them for excellent opportunities in getting lucrative jobs in the future.

Nowadays, computer science education has become more important than ever before. With the modern era of technological advancements, IT has become one of the fastest growing areas that provide young people with attractive job positions. In particular, in New York, technological and IT sector occupies the leading position. According to the sociological findings, 93% of parents would like their children to find a job in the sphere of computer science. As such, there is a strong urge to start teaching children from the early age so that they could be more competitive and knowledgeable in the future.

Gender Pay Gap Research Paper

According to the gender pay gap research paper, there persists a wide gender gap among students studying computer science. For example, among the 2015 graduates in New York, only 18% comprised of women. In 2016, the percentage has slightly increased to 25%.

According to Kathy Hochul, the Lieutenant Governor, it is crucial to educate children in computer science and prepare them for obtaining lucrative and prospective jobs in the future. In particular, women should be gradually discouraged from traditional lifestyles and career paths and should be motivated to apply for a career in the field of IT or computer technologies. The times when women were frowned upon or criticized for applying for jobs together with men should be changed.

Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor and Chair, New York State Council on Women and Girls, says that the future jobs will mainly deal with technology, computers, and science, so children should be prepared for this shift of professions from an early age. Comprehensive and high-quality computer education should be accessible to the youngest learners in order for them to thrive in their future professions.

Reshma Saujani, the CEO and Founder of Girls Who Code, opines that the Girls Who Code organization is looking forward to cooperating with Governor Cuomo. Access to computer science should be provided from the youngest age. When young learners receive sufficient knowledge starting from junior school, they will be more likely to get interested in computer science in the future, particularly when they decide on their college major.

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