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It is extremely important to be an active member of society and take part in the elections. Not because everybody is proclaiming that, but mainly due to the fact that this is the direct way to influence our future, the future of our children. Some people consider themselves to be “one of the millions”, and therefore they strongly believe that their vote is insignificant. However, this is an excuse they find for their laziness and indifference not coming to the elections. There is no approval to such attitude. Sitting at home, minding his own business and excusing himself for not taking part in the life of the country is not the behavior of thinking individual. Such an attitude would rather turn our country into something quite different from what it is right now. And the changes would hardly be for the better. Another attitude, people often stick to, is voting for the first candidate, who catches the eye, without previous learning of their programs and thinking over their previous experience, and, therefore, the possible outcomes of their victory on the elections. This is, probably, even worth, than not voting at all.

Presidential elections mean the thorough investigation of the candidate’s company, evaluating his strong and weak sides in order to make a well-considered choice. That is why, my choice would be for current US President, Barack Obama, and here are just a few reasons why I would make this choice. People often pay attention to things like social program and tax code changes, but they are the factors, which do not invest into the development of the country, they bring only short run results.

The first factor, which should be considered, is education. Being a student, I am interested in educational changes of systems or at least improvements, as I can see all the advantages and disadvantages of it. Investments into education, whether it is financial or any other sort of investments, are the contribution into the future of the country. As the result the next generation will be highly educated. Barack Obama has already invested billions of dollars into subsidies, which are supposed to help students get a better access to college education. Obama set a goal to make the US the leader of the world in the number of college graduates by the year 2020 and to decrease the tuition fees. An average student has to pay half of the amount for his college education within ten years. There are 2 million workplaces, which, despite certain unemployment rate in the country, still remain uncovered. Therefore, Obama offered putting the efforts of businesses together in order to look for qualified workers for such vacancies, and community colleges, in order to train workers and guaranteed job for the students right after leaving the college.

The most important role in the educational process is being played by the teacher. Even in very poor countries and in very unfriendly environments good tutors have always managed to do their work well and, luckily, our current President does understand it very clearly. Obama is trying his best to save millions of jobs for the teachers, and at the same time is trying to find resources for rewarding the best teachers for their good performance.

This is just a short list of what the President has done or plans to do for the education. But let us turn to some other key aspect, which is the policy regarding environmental protection. People prefer to pretend that everything that is connected with the environment goes well. Obama has already made record investments into energy issues. This is an outstanding step, since we all know, how many people and companies are interested in oil industry and other related spheres. This decision was difficult, but President did manage to implement it. The production of solar and wind energy has doubled under Obama’s governing. The President made investments into more than fifteen thousand energy projects all over the United States. Obama started the expansion of protecting wild nature, probably the most serious one in the country’s history. He also managed to establish ocean policy, which now works and opens numerous work places. Our President does everything to save the nation’s and the world’s natural resources for our future generations.

To conclude, it was only a few reasons out of a long list, why I would certainly vote for Obama, the President, who has already done so much and may do a lot more in the future.

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