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Today, there are increasing cases of violent crime in the Erie County PA. Thus, it is necessary to develop an efficient system for dealing with such crimes. One of the main solutions is to bring groups within the county’s criminal justice system together to address these issues. These organizations in this line of duty include the office of prosecutor, courts, law enforcement authorities, as well as correction systems, including jails and rehabilitation centers. The use of multi-agency response calls for high level of coordination. This study focuses on this area in regard to the rise of violent crime in the county.

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It is a must that multi-agency task force has a clear vision behind the increasing instances of violent crime. At the moment, most of the problems have been identified with violence among the youth. One of the main goals of the multi-agency response unit is to undertake short-term measures to address this problem, which would be attained through increased police patrols and investigations. It will play an important role in bringing those involved in violent crime into books. It will as well be of much importance in getting hold of the guns that are used in this process. It will reduce the overall number of guns that are being employed in such crimes while at the same time putting the chronic criminals behind bars. The office of the prosecutor will equally focus on enhancing the speed process, at which those who are arrested are prosecuted and charged. It will ensure that they are punished in a timely manner and their mates would end up fearing of engaging in such crimes (Zamble, & Quinsey, 2000).

The multi-agency response in the line of justice should equally focus on long-term goals aimed at curbing the vice. In particular, there will be the need to develop a committee of inquiry that will seek to understand the core courses of violent crime in the county. In particular, there will be the need for such organization to identify the age of individuals engaging in such crimes, social economic as well as educational backgrounds. It will identify the groups that are highly prone to such violent. It will focus the efforts of the law enforcement authorities on such groups, thus boosting the rate of addressing these issues. At the same time, they should seek through the county government a solution to solve the social problems that could be increasing instances of violent crimes in the county. From now and then, shooting instances have been very common, where the youths shoot their own peers indiscriminately (Zamble, & Quinsey, 2000). Such problems could be driven by drug abuse among other reasons.

The county government would thus mobilize the relevant agencies that deal with potential sources of such problems. The next long-term strategy that the organization needs to adopt is to engage in the community policing. Under this strategy, the law enforcement agencies will liaise with the community in order to identify the individuals in the society exhibiting these problems. The society, where such individuals live, understands them better as compared to the top law enforcement. It will increase the ability of this law enforcement to identify the problem as well as identify the potential solutions to this problem (Renshaw, & Sua?rez, 2009).

Finally, there is a need for law enforcement agencies to focus on identifying the source of weapons that are being used in these attacks. It would significantly enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies to solve some of these root causes of such violence in county. Finally, there is a need for correction centers to adopt long-term measures that will reduce the instances of crime in the county. One such strategy that the rehabilitation centers, as well as prisons should implement is to reduce the overall level of residency among the youths. It would be done through the adequate training of individuals in such cases. There is a need to adopt a rehabilitation program that rehabilitates such criminals from the problems such as drug abuse.

There is equally the need for the prisons to bring parents as well as caregivers to the attention of the institution and demand their contribution towards the well-being of their children if one of the violences among such children is a result of neglect. If it is a lack of skills and thus lack of access to employment, there is a need for the correction center to adopt tasks that enable such individuals to acquire the right life skills thus enhancing the ability of the multi-task agency to address the problem. Meanwhile, it is necessary for these agencies to maintain the feedback communication (Heilbrun, 1996).


In conclusion, it is evidently clear that multi-agency stakeholders have high chances of addressing problems social in nature like a rise in the country’s violent crime. It is equally clear that for it to succeed there is a need for highly integrated communication as well as acting on feedback in all levels of justice.

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