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Olympics is One of the Best Summer Sports Event in the World

Sports are known to be a good entertainment and a nice way to spend leisure time. However, to the participants, this is either a hobby or a full time career. The society is full of energetic youths who, if not kept busy, may engage in petty crime and other bad behavior. Most parents encourage their children to take part in sport as a means of keeping them away from crime or even as a way to remain strong. In schools, sport is not only introduced to keep children or students busy, but also to help them realize their talents and ultimately be able to develop them. Some people are more talented in sports than others. In such big events as the Summer Olympics talents are not only recognized but also rewarded.

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One of the things that people may realize is the fact that those who are good in sports may be good in other things like studies. However, there is a big portion of sports men and women who are not very good in other areas other than the sport. The society needs everyone; the sports men and women entertain people while the experts and technocrats are serving people with their various abilities. Youth show special interest towards the sport every time the Olympics are held. They have special treatment towards these sports men and women and they mostly consider such people their role models. Sports are very essential in building competitive spirit not only in sports but also in day to day activities. The spirit of struggling to achieve the best result is usually very clearly put across in sports. This is usually to signify that, the gold or silver medal won, has been earned by the sheer hard work and determination. This competitive spirit is not only applicable in studies, but also in the corporate world. However, given that the majority of the audience is the youths, the message directed to them aims to encourage them to learn and reveal their talents as this can provide them with the money for living.

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The event itself revealed the importance of being prepared. Preparation for London 2012 Summer Olympics started way back in 2003 when bidding process commenced. These preparations involved infrastructural development and also investment in contingent projects, an aspect that requires a lot of planning and prudence. In order to achieve the best result, the participants have to prepare well to ensure that they win in their respective arenas. The Olympics reminded me as a youth, that there will always be struggles in order to be the best in whatever I do in life.

People Involved in Olympic Games

The 2012 Summer Olympics involved millions of people from all corners of the word. As expected, to roll out such an undertaking, a number of sponsors have to team up to ensure that the event is covered live. One of things to note is that the commercials are not only supposed to break the monotony of the events but also market the products. An event like Summer Olympics involves people from different countries. To be able to transact business, participants are either supposed to have the right currency or have some form of plastic money. Visa credit card was one of the products that were associated with the 2012 Summer Olympics. The rational is that because there were many people travelling to London, they needed to have visa cards, as opposed to cash. Sports wear is also among the products that are advertised most frequently during such events. Such commercials target team managers and common people. This therefore, becomes a good platform for designers to showcase their products and to appeal to the interested parties to purchase the outfits for their teams and so on. The advertising of the beverages also takes a lot of time in such events, and the logic is that these sport men and women need to quench their thirst. When the beer is advertised, the intended audience is the people, who are relaxing either in a club with the friends or at home while following the events. Fancy cars are also advertised at such events, and there are different logical explanations of this fact. First, it can be due to number of youths watching the Olympics, thus the commercial is trying to capture their attention. The assumption here is that the automobile company is targeting those youths in their first jobs and without a lot of financial commitments. Second, some of the participants in these events being wealthy people can also be a target market for these cars.

Personal values that people possess culminate to societal values, and that is the reason why many different values are reflected in such events. There are some communities that have common values despite them originating from different geographical location and a good example is the Asian Society. Human behavior is a big contributor to values since the  habitual actions can be passed from one person to another one. Therefore, during such events, due to continued interaction of people from different societies, one or two new habits are acquired, which either uplifts or downgrades a person’s values. These values may be reflected by the way people dress, communicate, food they eat, interaction or even worship. It is logical to see people, who share the same religion, doing habitual actions such as praying together and so on.

Events like this one should be a sign of how talents can give a person a good and well paying career. There is a lot of unemployment challenge facing many youths across the globe. Sports could be an alternative source of employment other than formal employment. This is particularly so for the talented or those who are not very good in books but do well in co curricular activities in schools. The Summer Olympics have demonstrated that the physically challenged people should also have an opportunity to compete, so that they do not feel left out. What Summer Olympics and such other events should aim at is how to lessen vices like terrorism, racial and all other forms of discrimination and poverty alleviation. In so doing, sports would not only entertain people or serve as a career field, but also create awareness, thus making the world a better place for living. Sports can help in reaching the masses as it creates a platform for a worldwide advertising. The events should advocate for peace in the world and also the champion ways of dealing with the challenges that the world is facing like global warming. This would ensure that we have financially stable sports men and women, and also a safe and habitable environment for all of us to live in.

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