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Technology has become a major requirement in the today’s society, which terms itself as the “digital age.” Therefore, there have been measures by the government and other higher institutions to make sure that technology is put in place in schools. In such a way, the young children will be well equipped with technological skills that will help them survive the digital world. Technology implementation in schools took a back seat in the recent past and no measures were taken up to ensure technology progress in schools (Becker). For example technological devices such as teaching projector, long-distance learning commonly known as e-learning, scientific experimental equipment are some of the modern devices that will benefits students. This paper reviews reasons as to why technology implementation should be brought back to schools especially in Knoxville city located in Knox County, as suggested before (TED). Our research is based in this city because most of its residence is young people. There are various types of technologies used in schools. Through this technology, students are able to improve their reading and writing skills. It also improves school efficiency, decision making, and productivity, improving workforce skills as well as many other beneficial factors that come with technology. It is therefore very important that technology be brought back to school in Knoxville City of Knox County to ensure productivity, efficiency, (making things look perfect), and effectiveness, (being timely) in schools from both the teachers and student’s perspective.

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Introduction and Failure of Technology in Schools in the Recent Past

Introduction of technology in schools is one of the many educational reforms that have been put in place in Knoxville city, but with minimal success. In the recent past, with increase of young population in Knoxville city that is estimated to be (180761-185000) people, there has been massive investment in technology so as to improve education in schools in Knox County, suburban, and rural America. Unfortunately, none of the technological investments has made major lasting impacts on schools. Actions, such as equipping schools with computers and setting up computer classes have failed miserably. This is because the government agency with the responsibility of implementing this technological plans has no support from other stakeholders such as financial institution to see this project successful Therefore, policymakers face the question as to why the progress is so slow in that regard. The rate at which educational innovations, especially technology, keeps failing in Knoxville city is alarming. Hence, it calls for extensive research to find out what went wrong (Daily mail). Various researchers have come up with solutions to the problem of technological implementations. Therefore, it is of great importance to look into new ideas and support novel initiatives to overcome those setbacks.

This paper integrates previous research and extends the findings of the research to provide new directions and suggest a few policy frameworks to ensure that technology is brought back to schools (NASA). This time, the technology should be properly acclimated in more than 200 schools in Knox County that serve to improve the lives of the students that use it (Sandholtz). The present essay discusses factors that affect the adoption of technology in schools, types of technology that are expected to be used, its characteristics and smooth integrations in the classroom setting. My option is that the schools should adopt technological classes plans to ensure better learning.

Factors that are Associated with the Use of Technology in Schools

Implementing technology is a very complex process, which it depends on the factors that affect technology use in schools especially within Knoxville city. The factors include:

Organizational Factors

Most schools in Knox County like any other institutions are an organization. It is believed that 60% of schools representing a figure of 150 schools in the city are at odds with technology and the introduction of educational reforms in form of technology is a great change for schools. Therefore, schools seem to be resistant to change since they believe that it will put pressure on existing practices (Papert). As most school heads put it, the introduction of technology in schools will mean a change in curriculum and teaching practices. The reallocation of resources will also be an issue, thereby causing the fundamental school structure to modify. In addition, the structure of most schools, which were built in the pre-computer era, may not be compatible with the introduction of computers. This factor adversely affects technology use in schools.

Teacher Factors

In schools, apart from the students, teachers are the greatest precondition to the success of schools. Therefore, the attitude of teachers towards the implementation of technology will affect its use. The teacher’s attitude towards technology will determine whether he/she will use it to teach their students and change their teaching practices. Teachers in Knox County have some basic knowledge about modern technology hence play vital role in introduction of health technology classes in various schools. It is estimated that 70% of teachers in Knoxville city are well trained in terms of handling technological related classes (Becker 2000).

Importance of Technology and Why it Should be Brought Back

Despite the hurdles of technology use in schools, it is vital that technology be brought back. The world is constantly changing, and so the students need to equip themselves with the right technological skills that will propel them to greater academic and professional heights. There are various reasons why technology should be brought back to schools, to include:

Improvement of Student’s Knowledge, Reading and Writing Skills

When students use technology, they tend to improve on their test scores and reach their performance goals. Technology engages the student’s mind and expands their knowledge on almost all scopes of education. Most of schools in Knoxville city which perform provide technology related subjects to student, because Technology offers rich media sources, which the students will be able to use to do their homework and to understand their coursework better, hence an improvement in their performance. Additionally, technology provides for interactive games, such as Li Ka-shing Foundation’s math software, that engage the students in solving math problems in a fun way, thereby boosting their interest in the subject.

Technology improves school efficiency, decision making, and productivity. Additionally, school administrators can also benefit from technology in schools, as they could use computers to achieve their work goals and perform their duties a bit faster than before. They would be able to capture and make sense of more data, as well as shift more of their attention to student achievements, rather than to how to manage heavy workloads in their school offices.

This technology allows teachers to work more efficiently and with more accuracy, since computers can double-check their work and alert them when things go wrong. With the use of parity bits, a single bit is calculated from the original data; therefore, the parity bit allows the code to be summed and checked for consistency

Promotion of Equity and Access to Education

With the adoption of technology in Knoxville City, there have been many opportunities available for students from all backgrounds. Technology has led to the advent of e-learning opportunities, which enable students from underprivileged regions to get education without having to go to school physically and paying the hefty fees to get access to the same education and curriculum (TN Gov). Technology will therefore bring on more digital information, as well as specialized classes to the geographically isolated students. This development will improve learning in all the regions, which is why technology should return to schools. This will benefit more than 20% of residents in Knox County to acquire education from their homes.

Technology Will Lead to Students with Improved Workforce Skills

Research shows that students who have used technology in their learning make better workforce and find it easier to land internships and permanent job placements within or outside Knoxville city.

Technology Will Lead to Improved Teaching Practices and Skills

The advent of technology has made it possible for special tools that enable the teachers to know the topics which students understand and those that they do not. In such a way, the teachers will be able to dwell on the hard part of their classes, hence improving student performance. Technology also provides the teachers with different avenues to enhance the knowledge of students. Websites such as TeacherTube enable teachers and educators to post videos that will help the students learn more about their class work at their leisure. Also the administrations of the Knoxville city have implemented policies to ensure that teachers are freely trained with issues dealing with technology education within the county.


Knoxville city being one of the most populated city in terms of young people, all the stakeholders from federal government, local government and schools administration bodies are working together to ensure that technology classes are brought back to schools by providing health environment for study. The recent research shows that more than 70% of registered student will pass their exams if this policy is well implemented. Student will benefit a lot from technological devices such as teaching projector to improve their learning skills. People have different views on technology, but truth is, technology has a transformative power – it impacts any institution that has dared to embrace it. In most cases, when implemented properly, the results are remarkable. Educational reforms have always advocated for inclusion of technology in schools. However, in the recent past, such reforms have proven futile. We believe that with the necessary policies and frameworks in check, technology will take schools to higher heights and students will come out well prepared for the job market that awaits them. Technology has always led to innovation amongst young people and it is through technology that new ways of doing traditional things can emerge and therefore it is important that technology be brought back to schools. To make the implementation even easier, students nowadays love technology, and so schools can take advantage of this interest and make technology in schools a reality.

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