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Internet is a Powerful Business Platform for Market of Cable Products

Cable Products, Inc. seems to be doing well in the market especially in Georgia district, and its success may be accounted for by extraordinary abilities of Rod Curtis. The strengths that this company may be proud of are credible marketers and good customer service. However, the main weakness is that most of the company’s achievements can be attributed to efforts of a single individual, Rod. In case if Rod moves to another company, Cable Products, Inc. will suffer a great loss. There is also a threat of entrance of new players in the market who may outsmart the company’s advantage enjoyed so far.

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Given that most people go for any advice given by Rod, the best strategy for the company would be to diversify the target market. It is possible through the use of e-marketing. The services he renders can be taken beyond Georgia district to cover the world at large through the use of internet. It would ensure that the products would reach a bigger market and also save on marketing costs.

One of the greatest dangers facing Cable Product’s biggest market is shortage in potential sales comparing to the last few years. It has started after Rod’s concentration moved to the safety ring. Considering that the cable slings are important as well, the company should balance the sales of both products. Profit margins from the slings are high and thus should be given attention. Despite the efforts that were made, there are no benefits to show. The proposal is to use Rod’s ability to market the products through the use of the internet. It would increase the amount of customers he can reach to and, given his previous experience, he would increase sling sales.

The idea of forming a separate department for sling sales is not a good idea because it would greatly increase overhead costs. Again, it would move Curtis to head the department, and thus his much needed skills in Georgia would be lost. As long as there is a need to train more people to Rod’s standards, the business will not benefit if there is skills vacuum. In case of a person replacing him not matching his abilities, it would create an inverse impact on the company. The idea of Rod travelling to various districts to train other representatives is not feasible. There would be a lot of productive man hours used solely in training representatives. The best idea would be to gather them together and train them way before forming the department, which, according to me, is unnecessary.

Though potential revenues from the sling sales are high, an appropriate pricing strategy should be set in conformity with the market forces. It is not clear yet how other representatives were not able to sell as much as Rod. Therefore, a review should be carried out to justify current pricing and compare it to Curtis’ marketing abilities. It is also imperative to justify the price to be paid and needs to be satisfied, which is safety.

Successful Company Always Promotes Sales in the Internet

Most people are now turning to the internet for almost everything including shopping. Internet is a good platform that can be used to market products and which Rod can use to interact with customers. It will not only increase market coverage but also enable his services to be available to more than one place concurrently. By doing so, the company will have the right products in the right place and sell them at the right price at the most appropriate time.


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