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If you wonder how to write a discussion board post, you should definitely read this article composed by our company’s expert writers. First of all, you need to know what a discussion board is and what its purpose of writing is. Second, you need to understand precise instructions sent to you by your professor. As such, come to understand that a discussion board post is a type of written assignment, the core purpose of which is to reflect on a specific topic and share it with your classmates. Apart from merely informing others about a specific topic, you can also engage in a discussion with the other group mates and explore a specific topic from different perspectives. Apart from serving the core purpose of sharing knowledge on a specific topic, a blackboard discussion board also promotes cooperation between students and encourages more effective communication between them. Discussion board writing provides students with an opportunity to express themselves more freely.

How to Post on Blackboard Discussion Board

Many students wonder how to provide an effective board post for their studies. To make the discussion board post effective, please be sure that you should not merely demonstrate good knowledge in a specific subject area but also demonstrate fluency in expressing your thoughts and communicating your message across. If to define objectives of discussion boards, make sure to pay attention to the following:

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  • engage in ideas brainstorming;
  • carefully analyze the guidelines for creating blog posts;
  • come up with your personal opinion on the matter;
  • gather appropriate data derived from credible sources;
  • provide a response to the provided question or query;
  • publish your discussion post on time.

How to Provide an Efficient Discussion Board Rubric?

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  • Identify the core objectives of your online discussion board. Mostly, an online discussion board plays the role of a virtual classroom, where students exchange information, thoughts, and opinions regarding a specific subject matter. Prefer colloquial language to formal one when you are working on a discussion board post. Make sure to take part in others` discussion instead of merely creating your own discussion thread.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your discussion. Before starting to write your discussion board post, make sure you come up with a range of ideas to share. Make sure the ideas are interesting to your readers and other participants of the discussion.
  • Carefully study the guidelines for writing posts. Make sure you clearly understand the question you intend to answer. In some cases, you do not merely have to answer the question but also evaluate some matters or provide your own opinion to it. Therefore, make sure you study background information on the subject if there is a need to.
  • Come up with your own viewpoint on the issue. Identify the core idea or message you want to convey to your target audience. Usually, the target audience of online discussion boards is classmates and professors.
  • Gather relevant and credible information. When you provide information, make sure you support all arguments and claims with supporting evidence, which should be definitely taken from credible sources. If you need to cite some information, make sure you format the references properly according to the required style. You need to be sure that your writing is free from plagiarism.
  • Check whether you have properly addressed the core question in your discussion board forum. As such, check your answers according to the following criteria:

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  1. Ensure that your discussion board post has the required format and structural elements. In discussion posts, it is not necessary to write in full sentences. It is advisable to write in bullet points, lists, etc. Please check whether you have proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
  2. If you cannot check your paper for proper grammar and spelling on your own, use spell checkers or online editors;
  3. When answering the guidelines, make the answers clear and interesting to your target audience. Make sure that your classmates are interested in providing answers or replies to your board post;
  4. To make your answer appropriate and on topic, make sure you read the introduction to the course or the course description;
  5. When posting replies, make sure you publish meaningful and well-supported entries. If you have to highlight whether you agree or disagree with some statement, provide argumentation or justification to what you have written. Short answers are not appropriate as they are not meaningful. Provide specific examples to what you have said;
  6. Remember that you can actually disagree with your classmates. It is not always a good idea to play the role of a “say-yes” person. Therefore, do not be afraid to share your opinion if it differs from the rest. Disagreeing does not mean being impolite. You can politely disagree and provide sufficient examples and supporting evidence to why you think in a specific way;
  7. To make the discussion interesting, provide real-life examples and try to use some justification that actually relates to the modern-day issues.
  • Publish your discussion boards on time. Always meet deadlines when you post discussion boards. It is really important to publish your posts on time when you have a specific deadline. First of all, if you fail to post a discussion board on time, your professor might decrease your mark. Second, you may lose the chance to provide replies to your classmates.

What is the Reason Why Discussion Posts are Assigned?

  • It is easier to interact with other students with the help of such communication. Online interaction can be much easier than face-to-face communication. Particularly, a discussion board post may be particularly beneficial to those students who have not attended college for a few days or weeks. As such, online posts are a great way to share your thoughts with.
  • When you are sharing your opinions and thoughts in a discussion board post, you are valued for what you think. Here there is no matter whether you have provided a right or wrong answer to some question.
  • You can boost self-confidence with each posted discussion board. If you have been not confident about delivering presentations, speaking in class, etc., a discussion board post is an excellent way for you to present yourself.

Keep in mind that, despite the fact that it is merely a discussion board post, you may also have to cite some outside sources. As such make sure you use only credible references and refer to trustworthy sources. In some cases, it is even recommended to provide links for the other students so that they could use them for their own research or just read the information for broadening their own outlook. Such links can also be beneficial if they want to read some information and just understand what you are writing about.
On the whole, discussion board posts are less formal when comparing them to essays, research papers or other types of academic writing. Therefore, master your knowledge of writing discussion board posts as they provide students with a fantastic opportunity to exchange thoughts between each other and also professors.

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