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As it is evident that case studies are applied in a variety of disciplines, there are a remarkable number of case study topics, as well as case study ideas. But can you give a definition to the term “case study” just on the spot? If yes, then it is excellent, but if you have some doubts or hesitations, do not torment yourself. A “case study” is referred to a research method that usually involves very embellished and in-depth examination or inquiry of the favored subject, also recognized as the case, as well as all associated to it conditions, circumstances, and consequences. Currently, case studies are conceived inseparable parts of manifold professions and disciplines, ranging from Ethnomusicology, Cartography, Etymology, Phenomenology, Forensic Pathology, Architectural Sociology, Mycology, and Histochemistry to Oceanography, X-ray Astronomy, Paleontology, Dentistry, Epistemology, etc.
In the today’s world, constant technology development and improvement requires people to gain new knowledge, incredible skills and phenomenal experiences in divergent fields of science. The contemporary digital epoch of research has been deemed to be anchored on multidisciplinary approaches. It was very intricate to assume a few decades ago that such sciences as Neurocybernetics, Biocomputing, Nanoengineering, Ecolinguistics, Helioseismology, Cryogenetics, Biostatistics, and many others could ever emerge. And what we attest – what seemed incredible yesterday has materialized today. All what we are equipped with today have come into existence due to extensive and profound research, knowledge expanding and sharing, as well as our persistence and zeal to reveal new horizons.

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Curious where all these unaccustomed technologies, research methods and approaches originate from? The answer is very lucid – everything starts in such scholarly establishments as colleges and universities where young people are constantly get engaged in a wide scope of research activities. One of these activities is a case study either applied or theoretical.

Case Study Ideas

If you are either a university or college freshman or sophomore, you should be prepared to have a myriad of case study ideas in order to complete different written assignments and a case study should not be an exception. You should precisely comprehend that a great case study idea leads to an inventive case study topic, which, in its turn, results in a well-written and thorough case study, as well as an A or B mark.

List of Case Study Topics

Our sophisticated geniuses who have been working hard in the industry of academic writing for many years have accomplished a list of case study topics in divergent areas of science. In case you run out of your own ideas or cannot embrace an amazing topic to impress your supervisor or mentor, you can exploit our list as an example.


  1. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a Result of Kidnapping.
  2. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Efficient Ways of Mediation and Treatment.
  3. The Complex of the Emperor: Potential Complications.
  4. Arachnophobia or the Fear of Spiders: The Workable Techniques.
  5. Target Template and Its Influence on Business Mergers.
  6. Complex of Superiority: Presidential Campaign in the USA.
  7. The Role of Self-monitoring in Establishing Relationships with Customers.
  8. The Bystander Effect.
  9. How to Overcome Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.
  10. Marihuana and Its Impact on a Fetus.

Information Technology:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Advantages and Disadvantages of Its Bestowment.
  2. Programming Language Semantics.
  3. Augmented Reality and Its Contribution to the Field of Medicine.
  4. Randomized Algorithms.
  5. The Impact of Brain Computer Interface on the Development of Human Race.
  6. How the Problems of Haptic Technology Could Be Resolved in the Future
  7. Analyze All Capacities of Software Development in the New Millennium.
  8. What Advancements Could Be Executed to Elude Various Obstacles in the Work of Graphical User Interfaces?
  9. Bioinformatics in the Contemporary Digital Era?
  10. The Value of Data Mining in the Expansion of New Social Platforms.
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Environmental Science:

  1. Green Technologies in Reducing Wastage in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. The Contribution of Tesla to Saving Endangered Species.
  3. The Experience of Norway in Preserving Wild Life.
  4. Ecotourism in Australia: Pluses and Minuses.
  5. The Kyoto Protocol: Who Failed to Comply with the Well-Formulated Standards?
  6. Water Saving Technologies Utilized in Planting Fruit Trees by Israel.
  7. The Outcomes of Water Pollution on the Habitat of Beavers in Canada.
  8. Blue Whales: the Biggest Mammal on the Planet is on the Edge of Extinction.
  9. An Overview of Carbon Dioxide Emission Control in Switzerland.
  10. The Analysis of Land Exploitation in the Amazonian Region.

Good Case Study Topics

The below provided good case study topics could be utilized by you to compose a notable and phenomenal case study.


  1. The Role of Boom’s Taxonomy in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
  2. Classroom Observation and Its Influence on the Process of Teaching Children with Disabilities.
  3. Self-Motivated Strategies Aimed at Creativity Outgrowth.
  4. Instructional Programs in the Kindergartens in Sweden.
  5. How Assess Students Accomplishments not to Modifying Their Motivation.
  6. Students Autonomy: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  7. The Role of Social Media, Such as Facebook, on the Heuristic Process in the Netherlands.
  8. Student-centered vs. Teacher-centered Approach.
  9. Pros and Cons of E-learning.
  10. Eccentric Features of the Educational Process in Germany.


  1. The Female Skin-care Goods in Finland.
  2. Winning Strategies Implemented by Apple to Gain Its World Recognition.
  3. Samsung vs. Apple: The Fight of Giants.
  4. Brand Development: The Case of Twitter.
  5. McDonalds and Social Media in Establishing Communication with Customers and Suppliers.
  6. Starbucks: Customer Loyalty Building Mechanisms.
  7. BMW in the Chinese Market.
  8. Nike Company’s Advertizing Strategies.
  9. Kongo Gumi: The History of Prosperity in the Construction Industry from 578 to 2017.
  10. Stella Artois Advertisements in Television.

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  1. Moral Principles of Ethics in a Start-up Firm.
  2. Political Advancements of the European Zone.
  3. The Globalization Impact on the Economic Stability in the Post-Soviet Countries.
  4. How Brexit Pierces the World Economy.
  5. Sharia Law and Banking Systems in the Islamic States.
  6. Turkish Airlines: Incredible Projects, Destinations and Targets.
  7. Oil Prices and Financial Crises: Historical Perspective.
  8. International Monetary Fund and World Bank: Collaboration in Promoting the Developing Countries.
  9. The Most Auspicious Human Resource Strategies Employed by Dior.
  10. Sale Statistics of the New York Stock Exchange Market over the Last Three Months.
  11. Retailer Market Expansion in China.

Applied Physics:

  1. Electroencephalography (EEG) vs. Magneto-encephalography (MEG).
  2. Plasma Use: Plasma Cutting, Plasma Spraying, and Plasma Arc Waste Disposal.
  3. Polarization of Light.
  4. Molecular Memory.
  5. Compton Scattering Short-duration Laser.
  6. X-band Accelerator Test Stand.
  7. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) Technology.
  8. Graphene and Graphene Nanoribbon in IT.
  9. Carbon Nanotube Memory Components.
  10. Decoherence in Nanoscale Systems.

Easy Case Study Topics

Taking into consideration and determining the features of all the information highlighted above, you may ponder that it is a very perplexing task to fulfill a case study on one of the offered topics. Do not get bothered or settle on ceasing all your attempts. We also have a list of easy case study topics that you may always refer to in order to learn how to supplement a case study. If you are interested, we are capable of supplying you with an amazing sample of the case study on any of the below themes.

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  1. Gordon Ramsay: History of Mastery.
  2. Michelin Star: Benefits vs. Responsibilities in Restaurant Brand Development.
  3. Leadership Strategies in the US Military Forces.
  4. Business Ethics Applied by Google.
  5. Three Widely Complied Eating Disorders
  6. How to Establish a Balance between Life and Work.
  7. How to Sell a Novel Product Online: Strategies, Tools, Techniques.
  8. The Most Bizarre Types of Phobias.
  9. Cyber Crime Detection Techniques.
  10. Supranational Law
  11. Cloud Computing: The Best Solution to Data Storage.
  12. Online Communication: Novel Formats.
  13. Specifics of George Orowell’s Narrative Style in Animal Farm.
  14. Predominant Factor in the Development of the Tourism Industry in the UAE.
  15. Adwords: An Exclusive Advertizing Project by Google.
  16. Shakespeare’s Heritage.
  17. Japan – Key Stimuli of a Quick Economic Breakthrough.
  18. USA War for Independence.
  19. Guinness: Retrospectives and Perspectives.
  20. Thermo-chemistry Advancements.

MBA Case Study

As you can notice there are no limits in selecting the topics, but we realize that you would like to find out how to create a decent MBA case study to get a good or excellent mark. We will emphasize only the commonest steps that should be followed while completing a case study, but please consider that their number depends on the discipline, complexity, requirements, format variety, and expected outcomes.

  1. Select the case study that you are interested in the most.
  2. Determine the aim and goals of your case study.
  3. Compose the detailed plan of what should be accomplished.
  4. Choose the format of your case study (long / short, audio / visual, charts / images / graphics).
  5. Search for undeniable and up-to-date sources (books, peer-reviewed articles, white papers, reports, interviews, images, statistics etc.).
  6. Take notes or prepare the cards where all required details are indicated to conduct analysis / synthesis / comparison
  7. Organize interviews, meetings, online conferences, webinars, online sessions if requisite.
  8. Obtain all allowances if required.
  9. Analyze all the material and information gathered in order to provide original meta-data, findings, conclusions, as well as further recommendations.
  10. Arrange a draft of your case study with headings, as well as sub-headings.
  11. Complete the list of reference.
  12. Consult with your supervisor regarding any obscure issues.
  13. Double check all the information presented in the final version of your case study.
  14. Edit and format your case study accordingly.

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Once you are ready with content and formatting of your case study, you should concentrate on the aspect of its presentation. We pay your attention to the fact that you should always take into account the potential of your either informal or formal presentation. While making a case study presentation, you should display all interest, passion, and eagerness for the chosen topic, research conducted, and findings obtained. Try to do your best to complete a unique, creative and authentic case study to make an unforgettable impression on the audience or readers. Completing a case study implies not only following all set requirements and organizational principles but also implementing your original ideas and initiatives, which is supposed to be lead to profound solutions and provocative findings.

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One of the essential features of an excellent case study is the availability of appendices where statistics, data or pieces of evidence are provided. These appendices can be applied as a corroborative proof of the work and analysis conducted by you. We also pay your attention to the issues of plagiarism, which is considered as one of the burning issues in the any field of today’s science. In order to avoid any bad consequences or misunderstandings, always indicate the sources that you have utilized while preparing your case study.
As our world becomes more and more globalized, there is a great need for well-trained, experienced and skilled people who are supposed to handle any issue or problem using incentive technologies, approaches, and methods. Thus, case studies are regarded as one of the most rational and helpful academic learning tools that are utilized to prepare a new generation of sophisticated people.
We expect that our article on case study topics and the process of their preparation will assist not only you but each student in creating your original topics, as well as in writing your outstanding case study masterpieces. We would like to stress that in case you face any difficulties, we will not mind you employing our already suggested topics in order to write your own case study. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process of writing a case study, conducting research, making an analysis of the collected materials or information, do not hesitate to contact our online academic and case study writing company. Please consider that you can always order any case study at our company whenever you wish and on whatever the topic you have.

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What is a Case Study and How to Write a Case Study like a Professional?

A case study is aimed at holistically studying decisions, policies, business activities and the like in order to identify the most effective approach to problem solution. In addition, as can be seen in any good example of a case study paper, they have to follow the requirements and accurately represent the facts. For this reason, colleges and universities frequently assign case studies to their students to evaluate their knowledge and analytical skills.
Apart from requiring in-depth knowledge of a case and strong writing skills, this type of papers really eats up much of your time. If you are not prepared to dedicate several evenings to a single case study but still want to submit the assignment on time and get a good grade, choose our customer service case study and pass the challenge to our professionals. We deliver top-quality papers to our customers because our intention is to help them achieve academic success. We are absolutely sure that we can help you submit a paper that will impress your professors and classmates.
Case study writing services are popular among college, university, and even MBA students globally. Because cases are usually difficult to interpret and analyze, expert assistance can save a lot of students’ time. Not only do professors ask their students to solve complicated cases but also to create cases of their own! If you receive an impenetrable case study assignment, just say “write my case study” or “do my case study” and consider it done.

Management Case Study Tips

Whether you want to buy case study or to complete it on your own, you will definitely find the following pieces of advice useful.
Discover the primary purpose of the case study. Even if you think you know the assignment, take some time to carefully read the requirements, paying special attention to objectives. If you find the requirements confusing, do not hesitate to ask our experts for help.

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Decide on the most suitable approach. Will it be analytical approach to help you understand what happened and why? Or will you choose a problem-solving approach to understand the main issues and find the solutions? You might find it useful to check a good case study template to help you make the decision.
Conduct careful research. Do not rely solely on the case and try to find additional details in reliable sources. You might as well find it useful to interview people related to or familiar with the case.
Suggest recommendations based on the analysis. After categorizing and interpreting the matter of the case, share the most appropriate solutions with the readers.
Conclude with a summary and call for action. Summarize the key issues of the case and restate the most effective recommendation. If you are stuck at the last stage of the assignment, remember that you can contact our professional writers any time and ask for help with any stage of the task.

Why Case Studies Are Important?

Before learn how to write a case study report, you should also try to understand why professors like this type of assignments so much. It goes without saying that such papers require extensive reading on a particular topic, but there’s more. The value of case studies is in their power to encourage analytical and logical thinking necessary to generate original approaches and provide meaningful recommendations. Besides, case studies help learn relevant course materials, and even though these assignments are time-consuming, they are extremely effective. If you would like to learn more about well-written case studies, check out our case study paper example.

The Significance of Professional Help

Case studies usually play an important role in academic performance of the students, so it is better not to try one’s luck by putting just anything in your assignment. By using the services of online professional services, students can benefit from: Scholarly guidance from experienced writers A chance to receive high grade due to specialized guidance Time-saving help of experts with years of experience in the field

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Our case writing services are accessible to students from all over the world. Our experts have spent years on writing cases for students, including organizational development case studies, Zara case studies, Apple case studies, Blue Ocean Strategy case studies, and so on. Our team of writers consists of true professionals who can help students with virtually any case study.

Online Help for Any Academic Level

Since case study assignments are familiar to students of different majors and across all academic levels, we have writers with expertise suitable for any assignment. In our team, we have writers with different educational background, so we will find the most suitable expert for your order.
When working on your paper, a writer will complete the following:

  • Do research in order to find relevant data and collect facts from reliable sources.
  • Analyze the material.
  • Organize the findings to help the readers reach logical conclusions.
  • Conclude the discussion and recommend solutions.

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Students who wish to get a good grade for their assignments can go to our website and order a professional paper by following these simple steps:

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The Best Case Study Solutions from Professionals

We deliver professionally written case study assignment samples for students of all academic levels. Even if you have no idea how to write this type of papers, just go to our website and our experts will help you. Our company cooperates with experienced and dedicated professional writers who will deliver you a plagiarism-free paper on time!

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