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Progressive Delivery

With progressive delivery service, our company gives customers an opportunity to get a large paper in parts, for example, one paper section at a time. In this way, it becomes easier to manage long papers (20 + pages double-spaced and 10 + pages single-spaced).

Service Benefits

  1. As you receive the paper in parts long before the deadline, you can monitor how well the assigned writer fulfills the task. After each received draft, you can provide the writer with your feedback or comments towards what should be improved.
  2. You will get 30 days for free revision, i.e. you can send free revision requests during 30 days after the deadline without any additional payment.
  3. You will be assigned a personal manager who will help you deal with the order, control the writing process, monitor whether the writer meets all deadlines, and assist you in communication process.
  4. Top writers and best editors will be assigned to work on your order.

Process of Receiving Drafts*

For urgency of 0-4 days

A customer receives one draft where 25% of the whole paper volume is provided. As the rule, the draft is sent when 50% of the urgency time has passed. For example, if the urgency was 2 days, the draft will be sent one day prior to the due date.

For urgency of 5-11 days

A customer will receive two drafts during the writing process. The first one will be sent when 25% of the deadline has expired (where 25% of the paper is written). The second one will be sent when 50% of the deadline has expired (and 50% of the paper is written).

For urgency of 12 + days

A client gets three drafts – when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total time given for writing has expired. Respectively, the drafts contain 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total paper content.

The service costs additional 15% to the overall paper price

*If the client wants to change the process of receiving his/ her paper, it is possible to address the personal manager or the company administration on this matter. In case the company can fulfill the client’s inquiry, the procedure of getting drafts can be slightly adjusted.

Supplementary Writing Services for Short Papers (under 20 pages)

  1. Summaries

When ordering a paper summary, you will get a 300-word synopsis of your paper. The core ideas under discussion or analysis will be summed up, which will ease you the task to present findings at some conference.

  1. Drafts

In case you are required to hand in drafts to your professor before submitted the final paper version, then this service will prove to be really beneficial to you. When 50% of the deadline passes, you will receive a draft containing 300 words double-spaced or 600 words single-spaced.

  1. Extended Revision

This extended revision service gives you an opportunity to send a free revision application within the first 14 days after the deadline expiration.

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